Modular Wet End, Designed for Versatility

The Polaris pump line-up utilizes a modular wet-end platform approach with common wet end components for a given pump size. The final configuration to a plain open suction Model PHO, mixer Model PBO or shredder Model PVO type pump is accomplished by adding kit components that are interchangeable and can be added or changed in the field with a few common hand tools.  These wet end platforms can be combined with our wide range of motors and slurry seals, starting with our continuous run dry capable internal slurry seal, to configure a submersible pump package that can handle the most severe duties in applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

Polaris Submersible Modular Wet End Pumps: A. PHO™ Open Suction; B. PBO™ Solids Mixer Option; & C. PVO™ Shredder Option

Learn more about each of our Modular Wet End products:

A.  Polaris Model PHO™ Open Suction
B.  Polaris Model PBO™ Solids Mixer Option
C.  Polaris Model PVO™ Shredder Option

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